Profile: Tim Breeden

Tim Breeden

Loan Officer/ BusinessManager Specialist, Anchorage

Tim Breeden worked for First National Bank Alaska for five years before being appointed a Loan Officer and overseeing the BusinessManager program. The cash management tool improves cash flow for businesses almost immediately. Using the program, companies outsource payment processing and the mailing of statements to the bank and convert receivables to cash in about 24 hours. The good news for a business owner is theyve got the business, the bad news is theyve got the business, Breeden said. They need the cash to make it go. Companies that are really growing may need to make payroll or hire new employees to keep up with the work. You might not be able to fund that growth without the financial backing BusinessManager provides. As a banker, gaining an understanding of how BusinessManager can greatly benefit business operations helped me diversify my skill set. Contact Breeden today at or 907-777-5607.