Volume 15 Issue 4

Growing with the population

First, Dr. Wade Erickson cherished the success of Capstone Family Medicine and its nearby medical o ce buildings. Then he looked to the future of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and knew expanding the businesses made sense.

Serendipitous financing options

When First National Bank Alaska Vice President Chris Longacre first visited with Dr. Wade Erickson to discuss Capstone Family Medicine and the Mat-Su’s Meridian Park medical complex, the timing couldn’t have been better.

“Quite serendipitous,” Erickson said. “Chris asked about our current and future financial needs and we started mapping out some ideas.”

Chris Longacre

When you’re one of Chris Longacre’s customers, your financial needs will be met with his motivating, can-do attitude. Or is it altitude?

A First National banker since 2005, Longacre is also an acclaimed mountain climber. In early 2014, Longacre dialed up now-wife Rachel from his satellite phone while atop the summit of Mount Vinson in Antarctica.