Local banking experts offer support and expertise to help your business thrive

Melissa and Matt Hickey have been in business for nearly 30 years as owners of Cozy Interiors, a flooring, furniture and home accessories store in Eagle River. They’ve worked hard to build their thriving business.

But the Hickeys didn’t go it alone. Or at least they knew the importance of establishing a strong relationship with Marty Crow and other First National Bank Alaska bankers throughout the years.

“It’s imperative to have someone on your side who offers the financial support you need in order to take the business to the next level,” Matt Hickey said.

Whether your business is new or has been around for decades, here are some tips to consider when deciding on the knowledgeable local banking expert who can best work for you.

Finding a good fit

The first step in building a relationship with a banker is to find one with history and ties in the community who has experience with your particular type of business. This banker will understand the ebb and flow of your business activities and, in turn, offer you the financial tools to help you succeed in your industry. Make sure to also find a banker you can trust and with whom you are comfortable discussing your financial details.

Maintaining a good relationship

First National bankers stay abreast of issues and information relevant to your industry so he or she can better understand your business challenges. You can also help them understand your business and better serve you by keeping the lines of communication open. Make regular phone calls or meet in person from time to time to stay in touch.


Like maintaining any healthy, flourishing relationship, ongoing communication is the key. Tell your First National banker when there are changes to your business, good or bad. This will help your banker understand where your business stands in order to offer you sound financial options and help you make the right decisions for your business.

Update your loan file

Make sure your loan file is up to date. Your loan file drives the decisions that go into approving a loan.

It should be updated at least once a year and include the following:

• Current financial statement for the business and any guarantors

• Year-to-date profit and loss statement

• Complete copy of the most recent business tax return

Not only does this information help you and your First National banking expert stay connected, it is crucial if you ever find yourself in need of quick funds for your business. If your banker has your updated financial information on file, you can often get a decision on a loan very quickly.

Whatever the next level is in your business, there’s a good chance your banker can help you get thereand the more they know, the greater your chances for success.

To contact a local business banking expert, visit FNBAlaska.com or call First National Bank Alaska at 777-4FNB (4362) or 1-800-856-4FNB (4362) from communities outside Anchorage.