Don Krohn

Security Officer/Anchorage

Before taking over as First National Bank Alaska’s Security Officer, Don Krohn spent more than 30 years in law enforcement, including 18 spent with the Anchorage Police Department specializing in white-collar crime.

Bringing all that experience with him, Krohn quickly applied his knowledge and applied it to the world of banking.

“From the start, I needed to find out what doors were open for the criminals to step through and which doors we could shut on them,” said Krohn, who started at First National in 2002.“We had to create procedures and put training in place to protect the bank and its customers.

“We haven’t stopped since.”

During Krohn’s first three years at the bank, he developed and implemented programs that resulted in an 80 percent reduction of criminal attacks against First National and customers alike.

“It’s really no surprise,” said First National Loan Officer and Johansen Branch Manager Pam Wentz. “Don is such an easy person to work with and a great storyteller. He presents examples that spell out exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to protect yourself and your business from fraud.”

As one of the state’s leading fraud prevention experts, Krohn regularly updates his prevention checklist and is constantly studying the latest schemes perpetrated by the crooks. His work in combating check washing, counterfeiting, identity theft and other fraud continues to pay off for First National.

“In the big picture, I’m comfortable saying our employees put a stop to nearly all the fraudulent items the crooks tried to pass by us these last few years,” Krohn said.“It proves our best practices are working.

“I’m extremely satisfied with the efforts of everyone involved.”

Contact Krohn today at or 907-777-3471.