Loans for business growth

Growing stronger

Ready to expand your business or just want to be ready for the unexpected? First, update your business plan and then ask us about a loan to grow your business.

Electronic Health Records conversion

Financing options to help Alaska's healthcare providers convert to Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Equipment and vehicle loans

Keep your competitive edge with an equipment loan. Purchase computers, vehicles, heavy equipment or other machinery. Repayment terms dependent upon type and age of collateral.

Inventory financing

Whether you need more inventory for growth or seasonal demands of "just in case", this loan can help you keep plenty of stock on hand. Inventory financing is also convenient for businesses in remote locations.

Pay off the loan through the sale of financed goods. Collateral is usually the inventory financed, though additional collateral may be required.

Letters of credit

Documentary and stand-by letters of credit are arrangements often used by import/export business, contractors and travel agencies to serve as assurance of payment. Documentary letters of credit are usually for less than six months. A stand-by letter of credit may be renewed annually.

Revolving line of credit

Meet working capital needs or bonding requirements without having to go through the application process each time with the help of a revolving line of credit. Frequent borrowers such as manufacturers, service companies and contractors use this loan. Collateral and Repayment terms are established on an annual basis and tailored to your needs.

Contact us

For current interest rates and specific details for the loan you are interested in, please call 907-777-4362 or outside Anchorage call 1-800-856-4362.