Mastercard credit cards

Worldwide access with local Alaska service

Corporate Mastercard

First National Bank's Corporate Mastercard gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to control the parameters of individual cardholder accounts, and to track and reconcile individual card expenses online. You may authorize individual employees to use the card for specific purposes like travel, equipment or entertaining clients.

You may also restrict where the card is used and how much credit to extend to each account. Tracking business expenses is a snap with the more than 160 reports available online.

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Business Mastercard

Use this procurement credit card when you buy for your business to take advantage of sales and discounts while you're waiting for cash to come in.

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Interactive voice response (IVR) available

Now you can activate your First National Mastercard credit card, select a PIN, obtain balances and detailed account transaction information, and report a lost or stolen card using the interactive telephone option. One toll-free number, 1-844-407-2560, is available for consumer and business credit card holders 24/7.

Added benefits

Download the Mastercard Guide to Benefits for Commercial Cardholders, which describes the programs available to Mastercard Corporate and BusinessCard™ cardholders.

It's an easier way to pay when you purchase over the phone or the Internet. Monthly transaction reports help you monitor spending and track tax deductible expenses.

Mastercard SecureCode™

Now featuring added security when shopping online. This service helps protect against unauthorized use of your First National Bank Alaska Mastercard when you shop online at participating merchants.