Using funds

Make your money work for you

The key to increasing your earning potential is using your money effectively while you have it. To do that, you need as much information as possible about your accounts.

The more information you have, the more money you can save. Monitor your funds and make them work for you with efficient strategies that maximize your profits.

Zero balance accounts (ZBAs)

Automatically consolidate funds from several accounts into one account to save you time and effort. Money from ZBAs is electronically transferred to a "concentration" account at the end of each day, leaving a zero balance. Check payments are drawn from the concentration account. You don't worry about being overdrawn.

Repurchase agreements

If the sum of your non-interest bearing checking account balances is $100,000 or more, you can earn a higher return than standard money market rates on that total balance. Collected balances are swept from accounts overnight and used to purchase securities the bank promises to buy back at a set rate the following day. Daily transactions are automatic and don't require you to take action.

Account reconciliation

Balancing your books is a snap when you use our account reconciliation services. We can reconcile accounts or give you the information you need to automate the process yourself.

Account analysis

The more you know about your accounts, the more money you save. We'll track your monthly balances and activities and figure your total cost of services. Collected balances earn you credit which is used to offset the cost of the account and potentially of other related accounts.

Detailed reports help you manage your funds more efficiently and identify the balance levels you need to maintain in order to offset bank charges. This is a service for accounts with high volumes and businesses that take advantage of the specialized cash management services of the bank.

Auxiliary sub-accounts

If your business regularly receives deposits from certain multiple sources or areas, this automated account system makes it easy to track deposits by location or purpose. Specially coded deposit slips allow all deposits to go into one account and give you itemized information for better account control.

Trust services

Invest $100,000 or more in investment accounts under the guidance of our experienced trust agents. Several options allow you to have as much or as little daily control over investment decisions to match your strategies.

Securities recommended or acquired in any fiduciary account administered by the Trust Department of First National Bank are not FDIC insured, and may invoke investment risk, including the possible loss of capital. Such securities are not obligations of First National Bank and are not guaranteed by First National Bank.

Contact us for additional details about cash management tools for your business.