Jeremy Gogain


Jeremy Gogain

NMLS# 844245


Loan officers specializing in mortgage lending tend to stick with their home-buying customers from beginning to end.

First National’s Jeremy Gogain makes a point of taking that philosophy one step further and to its actual final conclusion.

“I offer to and regularly do attend the closing with each of my customers, especially first time home buyers,” Gogain said. “There have been times when the title officer appears a little shocked to see me, but I want my customers to know I’m there for them each step of the way.”

With more than six years of banking and mortgage lending experience, Gogain has seen firsthand the benefit of sitting in the title office with his customers.

“In theory, I like to think I’m there just in case the home buyer has any final questions I can answer,” Gogain said. “It’s one more opportunity to making a long-lasting impression.”

Alaska born and raised, Gogain is the son of a retired military veteran. He’s married with three children.

“My customers quickly learn I will not over-promise or under-deliver,” he said. “I’m going to keep you informed throughout the entire home-buying process.”

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