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Building your own home can be the challenge of a lifetime. Financing your dream, however, should be simple. At First National Bank Alaska (FNBA), we’ve been working with local Owner-Builders for decades, and we understand their construction financing needs.

As an Owner-Builder, you can save money on construction costs, and have more control over the building process. This is ideal for many Owner-Builders, but it does mean increased responsibilities for things that would normally be handled by a General Contractor. When you have questions or concerns about your loan, First National’s commitment to local loan servicing can make a big difference. And you'll enjoy a smooth transition from your construction loan to your mortgage with our one-stop Owner-Builder loan program.

The Owner-Builder loan program is a one-stop resource for prospective Owner-Builders. The online program will guide you through the loan process, and there are forms available for download, as well as a listing of properties for sale by First National customers.

Visit our Owner-Builder section to learn more about this First National Bank program.