Charitable donations

Donation request guidelines & application form

Download the Donation Request Application form (495 KB PDF).

Statement of Purpose

First National Bank is committed to Alaska and Alaskans and to their economic and cultural growth. We support non-profit community groups and activities and encourage First National employees to become actively involved in their communities.

In addition to employee involvement, First National contributes funds to selected non-profit organizations. Each branch manager has the authority to make contributions to local community organizations and events. Additionally, contributions are made at the corporate level by First National's Donations Committee. This Committee meets once each month to review all requests for donations. To allow adequate time for consideration, requests should be received by the bank at least two months before the actual need for funding.


First National has developed a set of guidelines to help evaluate requests for support and contributions. Requests will be considered from Alaska based non-profit organizations in four general categories:

  • Community or public service
  • Health and education
  • Arts and humanities
  • Youth and senior citizens

Eligible organizations must be non-profit and designated as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Requests for support will not be considered from:

  • Individuals
  • Religious or political groups
  • Groups based outside Alaska

Additionally, funds will not be contributed toward travel expenses for any individual or group, or toward any expense for an event being held outside Alaska.

How to Apply

Organizations applying for a donation should submit a completed Donation Request Application along with a copy of the organization's current expense statement and budget, list of Board of Directors and most current Annual Report. The Donation Request Application may be obtained at any local branch, downloaded from the bank's website (495 KB PDF) (, and the following location:

First National Bank Alaska
Marketing Department
101 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 207
P.O. Box 100720
Anchorage, Alaska 99510-0720

When completing the Donation Request Application form, make certain the following is clearly identified:

  • description of the organization, including its history, purpose and proposed project;
  • a statement of need and a description of the methods chosen to meet its goal;
  • the time expected to complete this project as well as any major milestones;
  • the total cost of the project, other sources and levels of funding, and the amount and/or items being requested;
  • a statement demonstrating broad community support for and involvement in the project and the organization.

When to Apply

Contribution requests are reviewed monthly. Each organization submitting a contribution request will be notified in writing following the allocations.

Written Acknowledgment

Each organization approved for a donation will be forwarded a contribution acknowledgment form. The completed form should be returned to First National. Please include the organization's name, address, amount received (or items received), date received and signature.

Donations Committee

The Committee meets monthly to evaluate contribution requests. Members of the committee are officers representing different business areas of the bank.

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