Weaver Brothers Inc

Weaver Brothers Inc

Jim Doyle Sr. (top) and Jimmy Doyle (far right) of Weaver Bros., Inc. have had their financial needs met by First National Bank Alaska for decades.

Delivering on a Daily Basis

From gas stations to grocery stores and the roads driven to get to and from, so much of what Alaskans need to make it through each day arrives thanks to the Doyle family and the work done at Weaver Bros., Inc.

Jim Doyle Sr. bought the transportation company in the mid-1970s after first starting Doyles Fuel Service in the 1960s. Today, he and son Jimmy Doyle oversee the operation of Weaver Bros., Inc’s three terminals in Anchorage, Kenai and Fairbanks. On any given day, Weaver Bros. drivers and trucks are responsible for delivering fuel, general freight like groceries, and building supplies around the state.

“A lot of dots have to be connected, day in, day out,” Jimmy Doyle said. “When Dad started the home heating fuel business, his goal was to deliver great service 24/7. He didn’t wait for customers to call and ask. He worked on systems that provided customers what they wanted when they needed it most.

“We’re doing the same things at Weaver Bros. We make sure we understand our customers and their needs. Today we’re planning for tomorrow and the day after that.”

And for decades, First National Bank Alaska has been along for the ride, providing the financial expertise and services the Doyle family needed to succeed.

A Great Deal of Satisfaction

When Jim Sr. purchased Weaver Bros., Jimmy was just finishing high school and unclear about exactly what career path he would take. By the early 1980s, Jimmy joined the company as a driver and then as a dispatcher.

In 1985, Jimmy moved to Anchorage to run the Weaver Bros. terminal in the state’s largest city.

Jim Sr., now 81, and Jimmy talk daily about what’s best for the company and its customers.

“It all goes back to delivering a tanker full of gas to a station in an Alaska community or a truck full of groceries,” Jimmy said. “We take a great deal of satisfaction in giving our fellow Alaskans the things they need. We feel what we do is important because it helps keep life normal, so to speak.”

A Lot of Respect

The Doyle family’s relationship with First National also traces back to Jimmy’s late teens. As Jimmy recalls, Jim Sr. had banked with a different institution until a friend recommended First National and especially the personal touch provided by the late D.H. Cuddy, the bank’s longtime Chairman and President.

“I was 17 or 18 and I can remember those first couple meetings between Dad and Mr. Cuddy, a fast friendship and a lot of respect developed between them,” Jimmy said. “We quickly learned to value the idea that you could make a call and get something done. We ran a family business and First National has always been a family business as well.

“For years, a handshake was as good as a signed contract. Over the long haul, that really means something.”

In those early years, Weaver Bros. relied on the bank to help finance needed equipment and infrastructure. Today, Senior Vice President Charlie Weimer, Vice President Karl Heinz and Vice President Julie Wheeler on the Kenai Peninsula and Senior Vice President Bill Inscho in Anchorage tend to the company’s needs in the same fashion as Mr. Cuddy.

“The bankers and all the other individuals we talk to are very personable,” Jimmy said. “They’re not just business associates, but friends we’ve come to depend on.”

With years of success behind it, Weaver Bros. banking needs have changed. Technology has taken over and the company’s employees enjoy convenient services like direct deposit payroll and other electronic banking amenities.

“First National does so much to make day-to-day life easier for our employees,” Jimmy said.

Looking Forward

Now a stalwart in Alaska’s transportation and delivery industry, Weaver Bros. is well prepared for the future. While the state’s economy is clouded in some uncertainty and tough decisions must likely be made, the Doyle family believes it will keep on trucking.

“When you take into account Dad has been in business for almost 55 years, we look at ourselves as secure and comfortable with our financial position,” Jimmy said. “We have seen all the ebbs and flows of the past and we might not be in an uphill trend right now.

“But we’re sized right, believe in what we’re doing and ready to move forward with confidence, in part because of our relationship with First National.”