Collecting Payments

Because helping people is your business

The more payment options you offer your patients, the more convenient it is for them.

And the faster you can get those payments deposited into your account, the sooner they can start earning interest, go to payroll, pay the invoice on an order of consumables, or fund a new equipment purchase. That's why First National's services allow you to accept credit cards and debit cards and to scan and deposit checks from your office computer.

We also provide lockbox services, which allows your patients to mail payments to a specific post office box, picked up by the bank and processed each day. Also available are payment plans to automate monthly transfers from patient accounts. These services can mean less account management for you, more convenience for your patients, and a direct line into your business' bank account.

We also offer contract collections, leaving you free to manage your business while we track payments and take follow-up action.