Startup Loans

Thinking about establishing a new office or buying an existing practice? We'll help you find the right loan.

Commercial real estate and real estate investment

Loans are made for purchasing or refinancing owner-occupied property, such as warehouses or office buildings, for professional use. Real estate investment loans are for the purchase or refinance of rental property. The repayment term is generally as long as 15 years and collateral is usually the property acquired or refinanced.

Land and subdivision development

This type of loan allows you to purchase a lot to build on or buy land to subdivide. Subdivision loans usually allow up to 18 months to subdivide, improve, and begin selling. Lot loans usually allow up to five years.

Accounts receivable loan

The checks are in the mail, but you need cash now. An accounts receivable loan allows you to pay monthly operating expenses while waiting for payments from customers. Repayment is generally required within 45 days.

Escrow receivable loan

Businesses with escrows serviced by First National may qualify for an escrow receivable loan based on the amount of future scheduled escrow payments and the balance of the escrow.

Interim construction loan

Help pay for construction costs, such as materials and labor, with an interim construction loan until a project can be refinanced. Depending on the scope of the project, the repayment terms of the loan is generally 9 to 18 months. Pre-qualification for long-term financing is necessary. Real estate to be improved and building materials are used as collateral.