Chris Longacre

Relationship Manager, Wasilla

Chris Longacre


A lifelong Alaskan, Chris Longacre believes this state is full of great opportunities and adventures.

He's twice climbed Denali (Mount McKinley) and enjoys snow machining, white-water kayaking and skiing. But Longacre sees more opportunities in the state than just hobbies.

"I have a strong belief in supporting Alaskan-owned businesses," Longacre said.

After earning a bachelor's in business management from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Longacre joined the bank as a management associate in 2005 and learned the ins and outs of the banking world. He soon moved to the Wasilla Branch as a loan officer, where he remains today.

Contact Information

Wasilla Branch

775 E. Parks Hwy.
Wasilla, Alaska 99654-8191

Direct: 907-352-5936
Email: CLongacre [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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