Jason Brown

Relationship Manager, Bethel

Jason Brown


Jason Brown’s connection to rural Alaska runs deep. Growing up, he lived all around the state as his father worked as a banker in different communities.

It’s that connection that motivates him daily as he helps meet the financial needs of his fellow Alaskans at the Kuskokwim Branch in Bethel.

“We work and live in a unique part of the world,” Brown said. “The uniqueness leads to different needs and solutions for our customers, whether it’s buying a fish camp or paying for a four wheeler.

“We’re here to do everything we can for our fellow Alaskans.”

Brown earned a degree in finance and economics from Eastern Washington University. With experience in civil engineering prior to embarking on his banking career, he brings a builder’s mentality to his customers.

“One of the keys to being a relationship banker is figuring out what a customer is trying to achieve and then making a plan to obtain success,” Brown said. “Constructing the details is what we do best at First National.”

Contact Information

Kuskokwim Branch

700 Front Street
PO Box 286
Bethel, Alaska 99559-0286

Direct: 907-543-7671
Email: JaBrown [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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