Melissa Reiser

Relationship Manager, U-Med Branch Lending​

Melissa Reiser


As a devoted active duty Army spouse, Melissa Reiser knows the importance of adapting to your environment. But perhaps more importantly, as a Commercial Loan Officer, Reiser understands the value different perspectives bring to personal and business challenges.

As a child of military parents growing up in Anchorage's Muldoon area, Reiser's future was destined to be a mobile one. So as a young career woman married to a career officer, she knew that to move with her husband's assignments she would need to follow a career path that could easily transfer from one community to another.

With a bachelor's degree in finance earned in 1989, Reiser started her professional career in New Mexico, moved with the Army to New York then on to Fairbanks where she worked for three years as a lender. The Army once again moved Reiser and her family away from Alaska, this time to Texas where she gained expertise in SBA lending, land development and construction loans, and providing a variety of banking services for professionals in the healthcare and construction industries. When the Reiser family was offered the opportunity to return to Alaska in 2008, Reiser's banking expertise was firmly established.

"The experience I gained from working with professionals in all parts of the country prepared me for the variety of business challenges Alaskans face," Reiser said.

Active in the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce as a chamber ambassador brings Reiser in contact with Alaskans from all walks of life meeting those business challenges. She also maintains her active membership in Anchorage South Rotary and the Association of the United States Army.

Contact Information

U-Med Branch

3650 Piper Street
Suite 100
Anchorage, AK 99508

Direct: 907-777-4915
Email: MReiser [at] FNBAlaska [dot] com

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