Overdraft Protection

No more bounced checks

(Available to individuals and sole proprietors only.)

MasterCard Overdraft Protection

Apply for Mastercard® overdraft protection if you have a checking account and a First National Bank Mastercard. Then, if you write a check for more than the balance in your account, automatic cash advances (in multiples of $50) from the available line of credit on your Mastercard account will be deposited in your checking account. Regular cash advance fees and monthly interest charges may apply.

Automatic Transfer of Funds (ATF)

Sign up for this convenient and reassuring service if you have a First National Bank checking and savings account. If you write a check for more than the balance in your checking account, the exact amount of funds plus a transfer fee will be transferred from your savings account to your checking account. Youll pay only a small charge of $8 per transfer instead of paying an overdraft and returned check charge. (ATF service not available with First Investment or Super First Investment Accounts.)