What is MYCard? It's a way for you to choose the image or photo that appears on your First National Bank Alaska Debit Mastercard. These cards include:

  • First National Bank Alaska MasterMoneyTM Debit Card
  • First National Bank Alaska Debit Mastercard BusinessCardTM
  • First National Bank Alaska Health Savings card
  • First National Bank Alaska Teen Card

You may upload your own image or select an image from one of our galleries.

How do I create a MYCard? It's easy, quick and fun. Click here and follow the instructions.

Are there any restrictions on the image I can put on MYCard? Yes, there are certain images that cannot be put on a card. Please see the MYCard Image Guidelines for detailed information on what's not acceptable.

What if my image is denied? If your image is rejected you will receive a denial email from the bank. You are welcome to submit a new image at any time. First National may restrict your access to this service if you continue to submit images that violate the MYCard Image Guidelines.

How much does the MYCard service cost? The cost to use the MYCard service is $10 each time a card is produced with your custom image. The charge will be made to the primary account associated with the card.

When my card expires, which image will be used on my new card? When your card expires, a replacement card will be produced with your custom image and your primary account associated with the card will be charged $10.

Can I change the image on my customized card? Yes, you can change the image on your card as frequently as you like. There will be a $10 fee charged to the primary account associated with the card being customized. Once your image has been approved it is maintained on file for five years. If you choose to remove your customization or select a new design, any prior image on file for you will no longer be available.

Can I have a different card design than my joint account cardholder(s)? Yes, each cardholder on the account can have the image of their choice on their card by using MYCard.

If I change the photo on my custom design debit card, will that new card have a new expiration date? Yes. The new card expiration date will be advanced. You'll want to notify any merchants that you have automatic payments established with of the new expiration date.

When will I receive my customized card? Your image will be approved in 1 to 2 business days. You will then receive your card in 7 to 10 business days. Please be sure to destroy your old card upon receiving your customized card.

Do I need to activate my customized card when I receive it? Yes, you'll need to activate your card by following the instructions on the activation label affixed to your card when you receive it. Also, you'll want to notify any merchants that you have automatic payments set-up with of the new card expiration date to avoid any interruptions.

Will my card number or my personal identification number (PIN) change when I use MYCard? No, your card number and your PIN will remain the same. If you'd like to change your PIN, you can do so at any First National Bank Alaska ATM.

What should I do with my existing First National Bank Debit Card once I receive my MYCard card? Once you activate your MYCard card, you should destroy your old card immediately.

If my card is lost or stolen, can I change the image on the card? Yes. When you report your card lost or stolen, we'll order you a new card with our standard card design. Then you can go to the MYCard page to upload your new image. We will charge the primary account associated with the card $10 for the new image.

Am I able to change back to a standard issued card if I currently have a custom card? Yes, you can request a standard issued card to replace your custom card for free.

What file format do I use for my MYCard digital image? You'll want to use a high quality image. The better your image, the better your card will look. Picture files can be in JPEG [.jpg], PNG, GIF, Bitmap [bmp] or TIFF formats. Your image must also be at least 840 x 840 pixels and no larger than 10 MB in size.

What if I don't have a First National Bank debit card but would like one so I can customize my card using MYCard? Call us at 777-4362 Anchorage/Eagle River or 1-800-856-4362 to have one of our friendly Alaskan customer service representatives help you apply for a debit card so you'll have access to using our valuable MyCard service.