MYCard Terms & Conditions

By submitting one or more images to be considered for use on your First National Bank Alaska debit card ("debit card") by use of the MYCard service, each cardholder ("you", "your") hereby agrees to the following Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). First National Bank Alaska ("Bank") reserves the right to add to or modify these Terms and to terminate the MYCard program or any MYCard debit card issued to you at any time in its sole discretion.

Each account linked to your debit card is the subject of a separate agreement between First National Bank Alaska ("Bank") and you. Nothing herein contained cancels, replaces or modifies any term or provision of any such agreement, or any rule or regulation that pertains to such agreement. By using the MYCard service you are only subscribing for the opportunity to upload or select a custom image to appear on the face of your debit card under these Terms.

By requesting a MYCard debit card and submitting an image of your choice, you give Bank permission to use the image on your debit card and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Bank and its directors, officers, employees, contractors, partners and affiliates from and against any damages, loss, costs, expenses (including court costs and attorney fees) incurred by or asserted against Bank, whether well grounded or baseless, that an image submitted by you violates the rights of any person or entity or applicable law.

You agree to only submit images that meet the MYCard Image Guidelines, as may be modified from time to time and published on the Bank's website at Bank reserves the right to reject any image submitted in our sole and absolute discretion. If images or repeatedly submitted images do not meet the MYCard Image Guidelines, Bank reserves the right to exclude you from future use of the MyCard service.

Each cardholder may have a different image on his/her debit card even when such debit card is linked to the same account(s). For each card created with a custom image, a fee of $10.00 will be charged to the primary account to which the debit card is linked. If there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the fee, Bank may, at its discretion, produce the card and overdraw the account or reject production of the card. You agree to destroy your old debit card upon receipt and activation of your new debit card.

Once your debit card has been issued with a custom image, for each subsequent reissue of the debit card with a custom image, whether the same or different, a fee of $10.00 will be charged to the primary account to which the debit card is linked. This includes reissue by the Bank just prior to expiration of the debit card. Cards are automatically reissued by the Bank on a periodic basis. Each time you upload a new image and replace your MYCard debit card the expiration date will advance.

Please retain a copy of these Terms for your records.