Interest rate options

HomeFlex Equity Line of Credit

The variable-rate and fixed-rate options of First National's HomeFlex Equity Line allow you to determine which interest option best meets your needs. Visit the Consumer Loans tab of our Current Rates page and scroll down to check current rates for the Home Flex Equity Line of Credit.

Variable rate

First National's HomeFlex Line of Credit offers you the flexibility and convenience of a credit card--with more favorable terms. You can draw on your approved line for vacations, college tuition, remodeling projects or anything else you need, whenever you want. There is no minimum draw.

Fixed rate

Once each year, at any time during the year, you can convert a portion or all of your outstanding HomeFlex balance to a fixed interest rate ($5,000 minimum; repayment term no longer than 10 years). You can have up to three fixed rate conversions as part of your HomeFlex account at one time. Your request for a fixed-rate conversion must be submitted in writing, by mail or delivered, to a First National branch nearest you.

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