Certificates of Deposit (CD)

FDIC insured, high yield

Set aside funds for a specific date or purpose. Earn a specified, competitive rate of interest until maturity. Certificate may be used as collateral for loans or withdrawn early for emergencies.

  • Minimum deposit of $750 to open
  • Interest accrues from the first day of deposit
  • Tiered interest rates by dollar amount and duration
  • Interest is calculated using the daily balance computation method; for current annual percentage yield (APY) and balance/maturity tiers, click here
  • Automatically renewable when specified at time of purchase. Bank rate at time of renewal will apply
  • On auto-renewable CDs with a term of 365 days or less, interest may be paid to a First National Bank Alaska account, or compounded to the certificate on the maturity date
  • Longer term certificates require periodic interest payments (at least annually) be made to a First National Bank Alaska checking or savings account
  • Maturity notice mailed prior to maturity date
  • Government regulated penalty applies for early withdrawal