Electronic Statements

Save money. Save paper. Save time.

There's no better time to enroll in e-Statements. Beginning March 1, 2019, all checking accounts* will be charged $1.00 for a mailed statement. Help protect your personal information by preventing a criminal from stealing your paper statement.

To avoid the $1 fee on your personal accounts, log into Online Banking to enroll in e-Statements. For business account e-Statement enrollment, talk with your local banker or Cash Management expert.

*Includes Health Savings, First Investment and Super First Investment accounts

Enroll to receive e-Statements:

You must first be enrolled in online banking and have a current access ID and password to enroll for and view Electronic Statements.

If you're already enrolled for online banking, here's how to sign up to save paper and time with e-Statements:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Click Profile on the navigation bar at the top of the page. This link will take you to a list of preferences. Go to Electronic Statements and click Edit.
  • Select the account(s) you'd like to enroll in e-Statements.
  • Open the Electronic Statement Terms and Conditions link.
  • Read and check the box indicating you have read and accepted the Electronic Statement Terms and Conditions.
  • Click Save.

That's it! Your checking account e-Statement will be available as soon as your next statement cycle. (Depending on your statement cycle, you may receive one more paper statement.)

To view your eStatement using Online Banking:

  • The bank will send, to your e-mail address of record, a courtesy e-mail notifying you that your statement is available.
  • To access your statement, simply login to Online Banking, select your account and click on the "Documents" button.
  • Click on "checking account statements" link.
  • Your Electronic Statement may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher.
  • If you need help reconciling your statement, download our easy-to-use reconciliation form (1.2 MB PDF) and follow the simple directions.