Collecting funds

Get the payments you're owed, faster

Are slow-paying customers costing you money? Are you processing, handling and posting high volume consumer billings? Do you have a select clientele making corporate payments? Get money into your account quickly and efficiently with services that collect, process and deposit funds to your accounts so you can get the payments you're owed faster.

Merchant bankcard services - accept credit and debit card payments

When you offer point-of-sale terminals, money from sales is electronically transferred to your account, saving you check and cash handling fees.

Deposit Advantage - remote deposit capture service

With Deposit Advantage, also known as remote deposit capture, businesses can scan checks and transmit the digital images to First National for credit to their account.

Lockbox services

Incoming payments are mailed to a specific post office box, picked up by the bank and processed each day. Cuts down on float time. Retail lockbox services include electronic delivery of payment data, so you don't have to manually post to your internal accounts.

Wire transfers

Move funds electronically. Using wire transfer services allows your customers to wire funds directly and immediately into your account.

Automated Clearinghouse

(ACH) Debit origination

Move funds electronically from an account at any financial institution into your First National account. Use this service to receive direct recurring payments from customers or consolidate funds from your accounts at other banks.


Take advantage of money owed you before it comes in. First National will buy your receivables, giving you cash up front to take care of immediate needs like payroll and inventory.

Night depositories

Drop boxes at 29 branch locations across Alaska let you deposit funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Deposits are processed the next banking day.

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