Cash Flow Solutions

Your Cash Flow Solution

Watch the video below to learn more about First National's cash flow solutions, or call Josh Worby at 907-777-5607 or JWorby@FNBAlaska.com

Cash flow can be a concern for growing businesses or businesses with slow-paying receivables. The solution? First National Bank Alaska's BusinessManager. It's a way to keep the cash flowing, even if invoices are not paid to your business for 30 days or more. BusinessManager might be a perfect option for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Transportation businesses
  • Distributors
  • Staffing
  • Many more

How it Works

The program allows you to sell your commercial invoices to the bank, utilize our lockbox and receive account details in real time. You can have cash in hand in a matter of 24 hours after issuing an invoice.

Improve Cash Flow

Predictable cash flow can help you make payroll, remit payments on time, increase inventory and pursue new business opportunities.

Save Time and Money

Stop making important business decisions based upon when accounts are collected. Having money in hand quicker will allow you to take advantage of volume and quick-pay discounts from suppliers and be more profitable.

Grow Your Business

With better cash flow and more time, opportunities for growth will likely follow. You'll be able to buy new equipment, increase your staff or pursue new investment opportunities.