Loans for Growth

Expanding Your Business? Buying One?

Ready to expand your business or just want to be ready for the unexpected? First, update your business plan and then ask us about a loan to grow your business.

Medical Practices

Finance the purchase an existing practice, or the construction of a brand new clinic.

Interim Construction Loan

Help pay for construction costs, such as materials and labor, with an interim construction loan until a project can be permanently financed. Pre-qualification for long-term financing is necessary. The real estate to be improved and building materials are used as collateral.

Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Investment

Purchase owner-occupied property for professional use, such as warehouses or office buildings.

Equipment & Vehicle Loans

Purchase computers, vehicles, heavy equipment or other machinery. Repayment terms dependent upon type and age of collateral.

Inventory Financing

Secure the funds needed to purchase products for sale. Those products, or inventory, usually serve as collateral.

Revolving Line of Credit

Meet working capital needs or bonding requirements without having to go through the application process each time with a revolving line of credit. Collateral and repayment terms are established on an annual basis and tailored to your needs.

Letters of Credit

Documentary and stand-by letters of credit are arrangements often used by import/export business, contractors and travel agencies to serve as assurance of payment.


Improve cash flow immediately. Using the program, companies grow by converting receivables to cash more quickly.

Escrow Receivable Loan

Businesses with escrows serviced by First National may qualify for an escrow receivable loan based on the amount of future scheduled escrow payments and the balance of the escrow.

Loans are subject to credit approval. Certain fees and restrictions apply.