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Protect your business from fraud

Armed with knowledge earned over more than 100 years of overcoming fraud in Alaska and nationwide, we are here to help your business succeed.

Below are some concerning fraud statistics from 2022 when compared to the previous year:


Help protect your business from fraud with the solutions and resources below.


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Fraud prevention solutions

Save time, money and protect your business with convenient and secure digital solutions. Don’t wait until your business falls victim to ask about the solutions below.

Mobile FNBizApp

Turn your smartphone into a high-powered business account management tool with First National’s FNBizApp. Check balances, pay bills, make transfers and so much more.


Save money, save paper, save time. Avoid mailed statement fees and protect against fraud with e-Statements. Talk with your local banker or Treasury Management expert for e-statement enrollment assistance.

Positive Pay

Reduce your risk of check fraud with Positive Pay, a tool that allows businesses to submit check files for review to help confirm only issued checks are paid.

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Check Block

Further reduce your risk of fraudulent check activity by preventing paper-based transactions. Adding Check Block will automatically prevent paper checks from posting to unauthorized business accounts.

ACH Fraud Prevention

Take control of your ACH activity by setting up a list of authorized vendors for ACH debits with filters for authorized amounts, frequencies, etc. Customized text and email alerts on exceptions allow you to quickly make pay or return decisions.

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ACH Block

Eliminate the risk of fraudulent ACH debits by preventing all ACH debit transactions from posting to unauthorized accounts. Adding additional controls, such as an ACH Block, eliminates financial loss before it happens.

Credit Card Alerts

Guard against fraud. Register your First National Business Mastercard® credit card and receive real-time alerts to keep you informed of your credit card activity.


Turn your First National Business Mastercard debit card on and off, set limits, restrict transactions, receive real-time usage alerts, and more with the CardValet app.

Administrative Controls

Create, change and delete user access, function and security.

Business Online Banking (BOB)

With Business Online Banking, companies can prosper by making convenient and safe transactions online in real-time. It offers flexibility and control to help make your business banking easier.


For more information about these solutions contact Treasury Management at 907-777-4685.

Fraud prevention webinars

Learn best practices to protect your business in these presentations by First National experts. 


Cybersecurity for Businesses

Learn how to identify threats and train employees to help safeguard your business in our special cybersecurity month free webinar with First National Information Security Officer Mike Mason.


Fraud Prevention for Businesses

Learn how to protect your business in 2024 in this free webinar presented by First National Security Manager James Estes.


Our customers who implement fraud prevention services gain peace of mind by knowing their businesses are better protected.

“Imaging Associates uses fraud services with First National, removing the chance of fraudulent checks being cashed! Positive Pay provides the security we need for our company and our patients.”

- Amy Anderson, Director of Accounting & Finance

Positive Pay

Pro tips to protect your business

  1. A customer-friendly but offender-hostile surrounding will help keep fraud from impacting the bottom line.
  2. Employee training done right and doing business with customers/companies you know and trust will help prevent your business from falling victim to fraud.

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