Positive Pay

Gain peace of mind for your business

 When you enroll in Positive Pay, First National protects your accounts by helping to ensure only the checks you issue are paid.

  • Reduce potential exposure related to check fraud.
  • Identify exceptions at the time of payment rather than sorting through subsequent statements.
  • Quickly review payments by sorting only through identified exceptions.

Learn how Positive Pay can help protect your business or contact Treasury Management at 907-777-4685.

How it works

  1. You provide First National a list of your check numbers, dollar amounts, and check dates (payee is optional).
  2. When someone tries to cash or deposit a check from your business, Positive Pay matches that check against your list.
  3. When checks match the information you provide, they are paid. Checks that don’t match are submitted for you to review online.
  4. You have until noon AKST to approve or return the check or the system will apply your default action.

Sign up today

  1. Connect with a local Treasury Management expert who will review your accounts to ensure that Positive Pay suits your needs.
  2. After signing up, First National will conduct hands-on training and provide ongoing support.


Why check fraud protection?

Businesses in Alaska and nationwide are losing billions to check fraud each year (Advance Fraud Solutions, 2023). At First National, we are seeing our customers and those of other financial institutions facing more check fraud than ever before, which is part of a huge fraud increase nationally fueled by organized crime.

Check Fraud Prevention 2023

Learn what you can do today to protect your business in this free webinar presented by First National Bank Alaska Security Manager James Estes and Treasury Management Consultant Cindy Kim.




Our customers who implement fraud prevention services gain peace of mind by knowing their businesses are better protected.

“Brother Francis Shelter Kodiak uses Positive Pay to help prevent fraudulent activity. Now, we get an email regarding any checks that haven't issued. I am back to simply balancing the checkbook rather than worrying about fraudulent activity.”

- Dana Myers, Director of Services at Brother Francis Shelter Kodiak

Call today to learn more about how Positive Pay can help safeguard your business from check fraud.