Safe Deposit Services

Store Your Valuable Items

Safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes, and it takes two keys to open your safe deposit box. Our representative uses the bank's guard key in conjunction with your key.

It takes both of these keys used together to gain access to your box.

Box Sizes & Fees

While all boxes are 18 inches deep, height and width dimensions range from 2x5 inches to 15x10 inches. Annual fees are from $45 to $185, depending on box size.

Payment Options

You may authorize us to automatically charge your First National account when the rental fee is due. If you do not choose to take advantage of this service, you will receive a reminder notice before the fee is due. Safe Deposit Box Late Payment Fee is $10 after 30 days.

Lost Keys

When you lease a safe deposit box, you will be issued two keys. Should you lose one, notify First National in writing immediately as specified in the terms and conditions of your safe deposit lease.