Treasury Management

Introducing First National Bank Alaska’s Treasury Management

New name, same personalized service. 

Managing cash well is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Our local Treasury Management experts provide customized solutions to help keep your business on track while increasing your cash flow. 

With Treasury Management services, you can: 

  • Exercise more control over payments
  • Improve bottom line
  • Gain efficiencies
  • Speed up processes
  • Reduce your fraud risk


Access your money quickly and efficiently with banking services that collect, process and deposit funds with the following services:



Timely payments to employees and vendors can save your business money, not to mention the opportunity for discounts for early payments or bulk buying. 


Account Management

Maximize your earning potential by effectively using “cash on hand.” Easy access to your business account information enables you to make banking decisions effectively while maximizing profits.  

*Tri-Party Agreements provide collateralized protection for organizations who qualify.


Fraud Mitigation

Identify, analyze and manage risk in order to mitigate losses. 

For more information on Treasury Management, reach out to the team at 907-777-4685.


Merchant Services

Many business owners know that a large number of customers prefer to pay using plastic instead of paper. But what is the most effective way for your business to give customers the option to pay with credit or debit cards? First National Bank Alaska's merchant services is the answer.

Remote Deposit Capture

With a portable scanner and an Internet connection, you can make your next deposit from the comfort of your office, instead of making a trip to the bank. With Deposit Advantage, your business can scan checks and transmit the digital images to First National for credit to your account. Features:

  • Make deposits any time, day or night (deposits after 8pm post the next business day)
  • Reduce risk of lost checks and stolen or lost deposits
  • Reduce dependence on a transportation system that can be affected by weather and other delays
  • Get support from Alaskans with local experience and know-how
  • Download software for all scanners, and additional software for ranger scanners
  • Download drivers for TellerScan Series Scanners

Note that all checks deposited using remote deposit capture must be endorsed "For Remote Deposit Only."

Electronic Lockbox

Accelerate the collection of payments with First National's customized lockbox solution designed specifically for your business needs.

Incoming Wire Transfers

Move funds electronically. Using wire transfer services allows your customers to wire funds directly and immediately into your account.

Incoming ACH

Move funds electronically from an account at any financial institution into your First National account. Use this service to receive direct recurring payments from customers or consolidate funds from your accounts at other banks.

Night Depositories

Drop boxes at 29 branch locations across Alaska let you deposit funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Deposits are processed the next banking day.

ACH (Electronic Payments)

Reduce your payment processing time and save money by using our ACH system. This service allows you to electronically transfer funds between accounts at First National or to any ACH-enabled financial institution in the United States. Use this service to make both direct and recurring payments to vendors, payroll (direct deposit) or for federal taxes and child support. Contact your Treasury Management consultant for more details.

Outgoing Wires

Electronically directed to a designated payment account immediately. Allows you to maximize earnings on your available balances and pay your bills and other expenses promptly.

Corporate Credit Card

First National Bank's Corporate Mastercard gives you greater flexibility by controlling the parameters of individual cardholder accounts. You may authorize individual employees to use the card for specific purposes like travel, equipment or entertaining clients. You may restrict where the card is used and how much credit to extend to each account. Tracking business expenses is a snap with the more than 160 reports available.

Business Credit Card

Experience greater flexibility and control with First National Bank's Business or Corporate Mastercard programs.  By controlling the parameters of individual cardholder accounts, you can authorize individual employees to use their card for specific purposes like travel, equipment or entertaining clients – while also having the ability to restrict where the card is used and how much credit to extend to each account.

Business Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card without monthly payments or finance charges when you debit your business checking account. Use the First National Bank BusinessCard debit card for your everyday business purchases and receive an itemized record of purchases and ATM transactions, including date, amount, and location where the card was used, all on your monthly business checking statement. No need to use petty cash in your business. With the business debit card, you keep personal and business funds separate. And you can control employee spending by getting additional cards with pre-set spending limits for your employees. The card is accepted anywhere displaying the Mastercard sign — that's more than 34 million locations around the world.

Business Online Banking (BOB)

With Business Online Banking, companies can prosper by making convenient and safe transactions online in real time. It offers flexibility and control to help make your business banking easier.

Account Reconciliation Reporting

Pull your account data through online banking to import to your accounting software to automate account reconciliation.

Customized File Formatting

First National has several reporting functionalities that we leverage in order to tailor to our client’s needs. To learn more about some of the reporting and formatting we can do contact your local Treasury Management consultant today.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Work with our Treasury Management team to set up File Transfer Protocol (SAFE Transmission) to send or receive files. First National has a multitude of options allowing us to both send and receive FTP files for services and/or reporting based on our client’s needs

Account Analysis

The more you know about your accounts, the more money you save. We'll track your monthly balances and activities and figure your total cost of services. Collected balances earn you credit which is used to offset the cost of the account and potentially of other related accounts.

Detailed reports help you manage your funds more efficiently and identify the balance levels you need to maintain in order to offset bank charges. This is a service for accounts with high volumes and businesses that take advantage of the specialized cash management services of the bank.

Sweep Accounts

A sweep account is a bank account that automatically transfers amounts that exceed, or fall short of, a certain level into a higher interest-earning investment option at the close of each business day.

Tri-Party Agreements

Tri-Party Agreements provide collateralized protection for organizations who qualify.


If your business regularly receives deposits from certain multiple sources or areas, this automated account system makes it easy to track deposits by location or purpose. Specially coded deposit slips allow all deposits to go into one account and give you itemized information for better account control.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)

Automatically consolidate funds from several accounts into one account to save you time and effort. Money from ZBAs is electronically transferred to a "concentration" account at the end of each day, leaving a zero balance. Check payments are drawn from the concentration account. You don't worry about being overdrawn.

Credit Card Expense Management and Reporting

Clients who utilize our Commercial Card program have the ability to leverage our Card Expense Management tool. This tool allows you to place more oversight and controls around your business card program. Some of the capabilities include GL Mapping, MCC code limitations, Administration Controls, File Feed, Visibility and more. Please contact one of our Treasury Management Consultants to learn more.  

Positive Pay

Reduce risk of fraudulent activity with Positive Pay, a tool that allows businesses to submit check files for review to confirm that only those checks issued are paid.

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ACH Fraud Prevention

Take control of your ACH activity by setting up a list of authorized vendors for ACH debits with filters for authorized amounts, frequencies, etc. Customized text and email alerts on exceptions allow you to quickly make pay or return decisions.

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ACH Block

A tool designed to prevent all ACH debit transactions from posting to your account. Adding additional controls, such as an ACH Block, can help eliminate financial loss before it happens.

Check Block

Reduce the risk of check fraud by restricting paper-based transactions. A Check Block can help mitigate fraud by automatically stopping checks from posting to your business account.

Administrative Controls

Create, change and delete user access, function and security.