Green Earth Landworks

Planting Success

What were you doing in college?

Were you spending late nights at the library, hunched over stacks of books? Building connections with friends, professors and future colleagues? Trying your best to figure out what your next step in life would be? For Christina Eneix of Green Earth Landworks, the answer is simple: she was building a business. 

Green Earth Landworks

Every day, Christina and her qualified team at Green Earth Landworks work hard to provide Alaskans with inspiring outdoor environments.

Finding their roots

Green Earth Landworks is an Alaskan-owned and -operated landscaping business specializing in environmental remediation, facility demolition and revegetation. Green Earth invests in Alaska through consistent, high-quality work; a landscape technician apprenticeship program providing the state with a trained, qualified workforce; and modern, cutting-edge green technologies to better our community.

Christina and her husband, Jeremiah, started the business in 2001 at the age of 21, looking for seasonal work to pay for their educations. They started with a few small projects: building fences and decks for neighbors and friends.

“It grew and grew from there,” Christina said.

By the time Christina had reached her senior year of college, when most young adults are worrying about job opportunities and the scope of their impending future, Christina was President and CEO of the company she and Jeremiah built, managing a team of 50 employees.

Growing together

Green Earth’s path to success wasn’t easy. As a young Hispanic woman, Christina found that a number of potential business partners, clients and bankers didn’t take her seriously. 

“Sometimes when you meet with bankers, it feels like you’re going to see the principal. You’re trying to prove what you’re capable of and put your best foot forward,” she said.

Green Earth Landworks originally worked with another financial institution, but left when they weren’t able to meet Christina’s expectations.

After looking around at different banks and credit unions, she found her way to First National Bank Alaska, where she met with a loan officer at the Dimond Branch who listened to her and her business needs.

“She sat down and explained things to me in a way that didn’t make me feel talked down to. Her economic insight was vital to my business success,” Christina said.

First National saw opportunity in Christina’s plan to grow and approved Green Earth for a line of credit that is still in use, forging a relationship that remains strong today.

“First National has trusted me and helped me grow, even through tough times,” she said.

Tough times came when one of Green Earth’s biggest clients couldn’t pay their invoices. After sinking countless hours and resources into the client’s projects, Christina found herself at a loss.

“We had maxed out our line of credit, our credit cards, our available cash,” she said.

Without any other options left, Christina came to First National, informing her banker of her situation. Working together, they found a solution that kept Green Earth afloat.

With help from the bank, Green Earth Landworks was able to emerge from the situation on top.

“That’s why I don’t work with out-of-state banks. They don’t have the capability and culture to know what’s going on,” said Christina. “First National is local. My bankers understand Alaska, and they understand my business.”

Seeds of change

green earth uaa-1803.JPGGreen Earth Landworks has found success due to its constant search for growth.

“Construction can be volatile and difficult. It changes daily. You have to be ready to adjust,” said Christina.

From their humble beginnings digging up backyards, the company has widened their scope throughout their nearly 20 years in business, adding HVAC renovations; countless certifi cations to use specialized, eco-friendly products and more.

They’re confident their relationship with First National will help them continue to reach new heights. 

“First National encourages our dreams.” Christina said. “And our dreams are good for Alaska.“


First National’s loan services can help your business succeed

green-earth-topsoil.jpgWhether you're strengthening your business through good financial decision-making or looking for ways to optimize efficiency, the local experts at First National Bank Alaska will help you find the right loan.

For Green Earth Landworks, First National’s revolving line of credit is the perfect fit for their business. 

“We have so much upfront cost, the line of credit has been huge for us,” said Christina Eneix, President and CEO of Green Earth Landworks. 

First National’s revolving line of credit helps businesses meet working capital needs or bonding requirements without having to go through a loan application process each time. Collateral and repayment terms are established on an annual basis and tailored to meet the business’s unique needs.

“I appreciate the input from my bankers at First National,” said Christina. “I love having a bank that works with me toward my goals.”

When you’re ready to take the next step for your business, the first thing to do is contact your local First National banker. Together, you’ll break down your business plan and learn about available loan options to help keep your company growing.

Here are just a few of those options:

  • Equipment and vehicle loans
    • Keep your competitive edge with an equipment loan. Purchase computers, vehicles, heavy equipment or other machinery. Repayment terms will be dependent upon type and age of collateral.
  • Inventory Financing
    • Whether you need more inventory for growth or seasonal “just in case” demands, this loan can help you keep plenty of stock on hand. Pay off the loan through the sale of financed goods. Collateral is usually the inventory financed, though additional collateral may be required.
  • Electronic Health Records conversion
    • Financing options to help Alaska’s healthcare providers convert to Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Letters of credit
    • Documentary and stand-by letters of credit are arrangements often used by import/export businesses, contractors and travel agencies to serve as assurance of payment. Documentary letters of credit are usually for less than six months. A stand-by letter of credit may be renewed annually.
  • Accounts Receivable Loan
    • Pay monthly operating expenses while waiting for payments from customers.
  • Escrow Receivable Loan
    • Businesses with escrows serviced by First National may qualify for an escrow receivable loan based on the amount of future scheduled escrow payments and the balance of the escrow.

Visit with a First National expert today and see where your business can go. Call 777-4362/1-800-856-4362.