Personal Loans

The Borrowing Power You Want

If you need a single advance of cash to buy a car or consolidate your debts, you'll probably want a term loan. Available for a fixed term, with a fixed or a variable rate of interest. If you need a pre-determined amount of credit to use as you need, and want to pay for only as you use, you'll want to consider a line of credit.

Car or Truck Loan

Talk with us before you buy that new or used car or truck for your personal use. Loan repayment term depends on the age and price of the vehicle. Interest rate will be fixed. See your local banker or apply to receive full details.

Recreational Vehicle Loan

If you're looking to buy a motorcycle, boat, snow machine, ATV or motor home for recreation, we have a loan for you. Repayment terms depend on the type and useful life of the vehicle. Interest rate will be fixed.

Servicing Your Loan

Our team of loan servicing specialists is located right here in Alaska. That means you don't have to go thousands of miles away to get answers to your questions about your First National Bank loan.

Contact us for current interest rates and specific details for the loan in which you are interested.

Frequent Questions

Q. When is my payment due? Can I change the due date?

A. The due date is shown on your coupon book, billing statement, or by calling 907-777-4700 or 1-800-856-4362. 

Q. What if I cannot make my payment on the scheduled due date?

A. Contact us at 907-777-3384 as soon as you know your payment will not be on time.

Q. Can you deduct my loan payment from my checking or savings account?

A. Yes. You may have your payment charged to either a savings or checking account at First National or another financial institution. You may sign up for this service at any of our branches, at any time.

Q. Can I order a coupon book? If so, how long does it take to receive it?

A. Coupon books are automatically furnished. If you do not receive a coupon book, or have misplaced yours, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 907-777-4362. To avoid delaying your payment if you don't have a coupon book within two weeks, place the loan number on your check and deliver it to any of our branches.

Q. Can you change my address over the phone?

A. We require that address changes be requested in writing. This helps protect you and the confidentiality of your account. There is a change of address form in your coupon book and at all branches.