Federal Shutdown Resources

We’re Here to Help

While we're hopeful that an agreement will be reached soon, First National is here to help Alaskans experiencing hardship resulting from the government shutdown. If you are a federal government employee who is furloughed or working without pay, talk with your local banker about relief options or visit your local branch.

Meeting Your Unique Needs

You may be eligible for one or more of the options below:

Loan Assistance

  • Reduced or suspended payments
  • Late charges waived
  • Suspended credit bureau reporting
  • Loan modification

Contact us at 907-777-3384 for further information and assistance.

Credit Card Assistance

  • Reduced or suspended payments
  • Late charges waived
  • Suspended credit bureau reporting
  • Over limit charges waived

Contact us at 907-777-4519 for further information and assistance.

Deposit Account Fee Assistance

  • Waiver/reversal of deposit account fees
  • Waiver/reversal of non-sufficient funds/overdraft fees
  • Waiver of safe deposit box late fees
  • Special arrangements for overdrawn accounts

Tips and Resources

  • Communicate with your creditors – Reach out to all of your creditors before credit card, car loan, mortgage or other payments are missed. Some creditors may have options to assist you.
  • Protect Yourself – Be wary of online employment ads, robocalls spoofing government agencies, and fake loan assistance offerings. Never provide your private personal information over the phone or email. First National Bank Alaska will never call you asking for your personal or account information.
  • Don’t spend money on unnecessary items – Identify critical expenses (shelter, heat, food, water, etc.) and reduce spending on things not considered necessary and critical.
  • Freeze your subscriptions and auto-payments – Freeze or cancel monthly subscriptions or auto- payments to help save money and avoid overdraft fees.
  • Reach out to local companies – Some local utility and service companies have announced their support for the community during the shutdown. Reach out to see how they may be able to assist you.
  • If you need assistance with managing day-to-day needs like food and shelter, visit Alaska 211 for more information.

Not sure who to contact? Our local customer service experts can point you in the right direction M-F: 8am-6pm and Sa: 9am-4pm.

907-777-4362 (Anchorage)
800-856-4362 (Toll Free)
888-817-4342 (TTY)