We're Right Here When You Need Us

When you get your mortgage loan from First National Bank Alaska, most are serviced right here in Alaska, by Alaskans, so you don't have to go thousands of miles to get answers. We're right here where you need us.

After you've closed on your mortgage from First National, look over these frequently asked questions and if you still need more information, call our team of loan servicing specialists in Anchorage at 777-4362.

Q. When is my payment due? Can I change the due date?

A. The due date is shown on your e-Statement, billing statement, or by using Telephone Banking by calling 777-4700 or 1-800-856-4FNB (4362). If your loan is serviced for an investor, such as Alaska Housing Finance Corp., they will not allow the due date to change.

Q. What if I cannot make my payment on the scheduled due date?

A. Contact us at 777-3384 as soon as you know your payment will not be on time.

Q. Can you deduct my loan payment from my checking or savings account?

A. Yes. You may have your payment charged to either a savings or checking account at First National or another financial institution. You may sign up for this service at any of our branches, at any time.

Q. Can you change my address over the phone?

A. We require that address changes be requested in writing. This helps protect you and the confidentiality of your account. There is a change of address form in your coupon book and at all branches.

Q. Can I access my loan information on the Internet?

A. Absolutely, with our no-cost online banking service. For more information on online banking and how to sign up, click here. When you're signed up, you'll be able to view loan balances, recent transactions, even make payments if you have a First National checking or savings account.

Q. Can someone take over my loan payment to buy my home?

A. Each loan is different. To find out if your loan is assumable, contact a Customer Service Representative at 777-4362.

Q. What if my home is damaged?

A. You should notify your insurance agent and First National at 777-4362 immediately. After the insurance company has been notified, an adjuster will make an inspection and determine the extent of the damage. When the amount of the loss has been agreed upon, the insurance company will issue a check made payable to you and First National. We may require the funds be held by us and disbursements made as repairs are completed.

Q. Can I cancel my mortgage insurance?

A. Depending on the type of mortgage insurance and the investor requirements, it may be canceled under certain circumstances. Contact a Customer Service Representative to find out the requirements on your loan.

Q. What about refinancing my home?

A. Contact the Home Loan Center at 777-HOME (4663). We can help you find a home loan that suits your needs, whether it's for refinancing or home improvements.

Q. When do I get my tax information?

A. Year-end statements (1098 tax forms) are mailed prior to the end of January each year. The 1098 tax form contains information regarding what First National Bank has reported to the IRS for the prior year. For instant updates, call Telephone Banking at 777-4700 or 800-856-4FNB (4362).

Q. What is a reserve account?

A. A required account that holds insurance and tax premiums, which are collected monthly as part of your mortgage payment. Payments to municipalities, boroughs and insurance agencies are paid from this account when due.

Q. Why are my payments different every year?

A. Property taxes and insurance premiums change. Your new payment is based on next year's projected expenses divided by 12. For additional information contact a Customer Service Representative at 777-4362.

Q. Can I keep payments the same as last year?

A. Yes. You can keep the monthly payments the same, even when the taxes and insurance costs increase, by depositing additional funds into your reserve account.