Enroll in PassMark Security

Enroll for greater identity protection

We're changing the way you log into online banking

Now, in addition to your Access ID and Password, you'll also use a PassMark image and phrase to help verify you're on the authentic First National Bank Alaska online banking site.

The new PassMark process requires you to enter your existing Access ID and Password using two separate screens.

PassMark verifies your identity two ways

First, by identifying your own private image and pass phrase every time you login to First National's Internet banking, you verify you're at the bank's official online banking web site before you enter your private password.

Second, PassMark identifies you by either "recognizing" the computer you're using via a "cookie" established at enrollment, or by asking you for the answer to a "challenge question."

How to enroll in PassMark

Use your existing Access ID and password to enroll in the PassMark process. You will not be required to change your password.

View an enrollment demonstration