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Apr 23, 2007

Muldoon kindergarteners learn to save from local bankers

Muldoon Elementary kindergarten students will hear a lesson about the importance of saving when First National Bank Alaska Vice Chair and Chief Operating Officer Betsy Lawer reads The Ant and the Grasshopper to the class as part of a National Teach Children to Save (TCS) Day presentation.

The April 24 presentation is the culmination of months of financial literacy activities for children by First National. Employees from First National branches across the state have been giving similar TCS presentations on how to save and spend money wisely in local schools for several months. The bank also conducts its Savings Makes Cents drawing contest, inviting children from around Alaska to submit a drawing of what theyre saving for. Through this contest and the TCS program, the bank has reached more than 1000 Alaska students this year.

The program features lessons for students in classes K-12. The bankers use age-appropriate games and other activities to teach the financial facts of life, such as saving, how to budget and how to determine the difference between wants and needs when budgeting.

The national Teach Children to Save program is sponsored by the non-profit American Bankers Association Education Foundation, which works to improve personal money management throughout the United States.

Established in 1922, First National is Alaskas largest Alaskan-owned and operated bank, with ATMs and 29 branches in 17 communities throughout Alaska.


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